Wisconsin-Made Maple Syrup

Since 1995, Glenna Farms has produced high-quality, Wisconsin-produced maple syrup. What began as a hobby has moved into full-scale production after six years of operation. Once the Glenna family got a taste of making this sweet treat they knew it was meant to be. Glenna Farms prides itself on providing high-quality USDA certified organic and natural pure maple syrup. We are pleased to offer Minneapolis fast shipping on any maple syrup or other Wisconsin products bought online. Whether you need syrup for family breakfast or enough to feed everyone at a pancake house, Glenna Farms can sweeten the deal with quick shipping.

Grade A vs. Grade B

Glenna Farms produces both Grade A and B maple syrup, which is always USDA certified organic. Wondering what the difference between Grade A & B maple syrup is? You aren’t alone. Read on to learn the differences between the two.

  • Grade A Maple Syrup – Grade A syrup is produced during the heart of the syrup season and is light in color with a smooth taste.
  • Grade B Maple Syrup – Grade B maple syrup is made at the tail end of the season and is dark in color with a robust maple flavor.

Maple Syrup as a Sweetener

We all know how great maple syrup is on pancakes and waffles, but did you know it is one of nature’s best sweeteners? And that it’s great for everything from ice cream to baked goods? Pour maple syrup over fresh snow to create a naturally sweetened, fresh and chemical free maple snowcone. Want something savory? Use maple syrup as a glaze on ham and other meats to build layers of flavor. Syrup can be used as a natural sugar substitute that’s straight from Wisconsin and preservative free. Click here for our favorite maple syrup recipes and to learn more about using maple syrup as a sugar substitute.

Ship Maple Syrup to Minneapolis, MN

Folks in Minneapolis can order maple syrup direct from the producers by using our online store. Along with USDA certified organic Grade A & B maple syrup, we carry an assortment of snacks and made in Wisconsin gifts. Our shop is a great place to get holiday or birthday gifts for the syrup lovers in your life (find us one person who isn’t a syrup lover). Click here to order your favorite tasty treat today.