Wisconsin-Made Maple Syrup

Since 1995, we’ve crafted exceptional, Wisconsin-made syrup. After running the farm as a pastime, it became a full-time operation in 2001. We take pride in knowing our product is as close to nature as it can be, high-quality and USDA certified organic. When you buy maple syrup or other products from us they will always ship quickly to St. Paul, MN from Wisconsin. Whether you want to order maple syrup for personal or restaurant use, we can ship it out quickly.

What do Maple Syrup Grades Mean?

Glenna Farms produces both Grades B and A maple syrup, and all of our harvests are USDA certified organic. Not sure what maple syrup grades mean? You aren’t alone. Read on to find out.

  • Grade A Syrup – Grade A maple syrup is made in the middle of the sugaring season and is lighter in color with an even taste.
  • Grade B Syrup – Boiled near the conclusion of the season, Grade B syrup is dark with a strong maple flavor.

Substitute Sugar with Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is known all over the world for being a tasty addition to pancakes and waffles, but did you know you can use it as a substitute for sugar? Add maple syrup to your cocktail rather than simple syrup. Want to make something savory? Use maple syrup as glaze on pork and other dishes to build layers of flavor. Glenna Farm’s maple syrup is a sugar substitute straight from nature that is preservative-free. Find a few of our best recipes and tricks for using maple instead of sugar here.

Ship Maple Syrup to St. Paul, MN

Folks living in St. Paul can receive maple syrup directly from the producers by buying through our online store. In addition to USDA certified organic Grade B & A maple syrup we have a range of gifts and snacks from Wisconsin. The Glenna Farms marketplace is the perfect spot to get holiday or birthday presents for the syrup lovers you know (and who isn’t a syrup lover?). Click here to buy your favorite maple syrup.